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Conditions Treated:
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Anxiety/Depression
• Cardiac Disorders
• Carpal Tunnel
• Chronic Fatigue
• Common Cold
• Diabetes
• Digestive Disorders
• Facial Rejuvenation
• Headaches
• Hemorrhoids
• Immune Disorders
• Infertility
• Insomnia
• Memory Loss
• Pain Management
• Sciatica
• Smoking Cesation
• Skin Disorders
• Sports Medicine
• Stress
• Stroke
• TMJ Disorder
• Weight Loss

(509) 525-9081
310 S. 3rd Avenue
Walla Walla, Wa 99362

Welcome to Family Acupuncture & Wellness

Using the gentle and effective techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine we help families of Walla Walla find optimum health and wellness. Services include acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. Treatments may also include massage, cupping, gwasha, electro stimulation, meditation and lifestyle recommendations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest, well-recorded medical systems, complete in its ability to prevent, diagnose and treat illness. Acupuncture is a gentle therapy bringing the body into balance and restoring overall health. Throughout the world, including western medicine, acupuncture has been shown to be very effective in the control of many conditions including pain, nausea, and women's health.

How It Works
Chinese Medicine has developed over thousands of years by carefully observing the body's subtle signs and symtoms to diagnose and treat disease. Modern research has proven that when needles are gently inserted into specific points, the body responds by regulating hormone levels, balancing the organ systems; affecting our sleep and wake cycles, pain responses, immune system and much more...

Now Available: Organic Skin Treatments

- Acne
- Anti-aging/Sun Damage
- Dry Skin
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Scar Healing

What are you feeding your skin?
The skin is the largest organ in the body and a major part of the immune system. Our products are full of potent nutrients. Complete with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, also known as antioxidants. Antioxidants are required for healthy skin cells. They are medicine for your skin. Our non-greasy formulas absorb quickly, deep below the skin to repair cellular damage and treat a variety of skin concerns.
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